• Bending & cutting machine

    Newest Sajjady industrial group's products

  • Column formatting

    To perform a square or rectangular column,
    Flat modular format should be used.

  • Industrial Machinery

    Sajjadi industrial groups respected contractors to complete the required items,
    Offers a variety of machines.

  • Specific form

    Industrial Sajjadi,
    Knowledgeable in the design and manufacture of special tooling,
    Prefabricated concrete parts


Design and production
Modern forms

Sajjady Industrial Group is always innovator in the field of equipment manufacturing industries. Experts and officials of department's effort are always up to date and up to modern styles of architectures, And the goal of this group is to reach to Iran's Development.

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Project executor
Formatting Foundation

Using a modular form of foundations, including simple, compound, and the band played. According to the foundation can be found with high levels of mold, such as 50x100, and both internal and external corners and angles of zero and to curb the use of clamps and pipe.

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